Sunday, June 20, 2010

Picture Post

Here are a couple pictures from Paris first walk. I must say her loose leash walking is much better after getting back from GDB.

[Paris laying next to a river. It's been raining a lot so the river is much higher than normal.] I loved this sunset. It didn't come out very well in the picture but the sky was a bright purple and pink.

[A picture of Paris head from below with big white, purple, and pink fluffy clouds behind her.]This is the latest trick I am working on with Paris. I want her to learn to ride a skateboard. At this point she will get her front feet on it and stand there for a bit. Once it moved she hops off but eventually she will get it.

[Paris standing with her front feet on the skateboard.] And she can roll over without a cue now. She loves this trick and will usually offer it when I ask her to do something else. It cracks me up.

This video is of her getting her front feet on the skateboard.



Rebecca, Ely and Rocky said...

Paris is gorgeous and so smart!

Sierra Rose said...

What a sweetie pie!! Love the roll over...wonder if I can learn that one? :)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose