Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paris is back

I got Paris back on Friday and was so happy to see her (the feeling was mutual as she jumped all over me) Paris was able to be part of a kids camp while she was gone, the purpose was to educate the kids about dogs. When I got there they were doing an Agility game with the dogs and the two girls who worked Paris during the game came up and told me how much they loved Paris. She won them fifth place out of ten or eleven dogs and they were really happy with her. I got to see her do her last round and was pretty impressed with her. There's another possible career for her. ;) I am happy to have her back home and she settled back into the routine pretty well, although she must have been exhausted because she slept nearly a whole day after I got her home.

[Paris laying on my bed with her eyes half closed.]
I had a BBQ for some friends and family yesterday for my b-day and decided to share some food with Paris. She really enjoyed my corn on the cob and nibbled it like a pro. It was cracking me up. She also enjoyed a small bite of steak and chicken. I love spoiling this dog, she makes it so easy. (But I definitely won't let her get fat. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Missing The Paris

Paris has been gone for a week now and I sure am missing her. But here are some pictures I got of her stay with her 1st raiser and it looks like she is having a great time.

[Paris, Becky, & Rafferty sitting next to each other.]
[Paris getting her fanny kicked by 5 month old Becky]
[Paris enjoying a walk in some grass and flowers]
[Paris having a cool swim]
P.S. Paris comes home in 5 days and I can't wait!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yesterday I went out with a couple friends and their dogs to go swimming in a river. It was so much fun and I was really impressed with Paris. She took to the water like a pro and swam around for a couple hours. I would throw a stick and she would swim out and get it and bring it back. I am so happy that she is catching onto fetch because that was something that Prudy (my last CC'd pet) never caught onto. I would throw something and she would just stare at me like "Why'd you throw that, now you have to go out and get it." Anyway, here are some pictures from the swim.

[The three dogs in attendance standing in the water, Boone, Paris and Julimae.]
Julimae wasn't a fan and mostly watched from the shore, she got some swimming in, it was quite amazing for such a young'n too. [Julimae shaking off some water.]
[Paris swimming in the water.]
Paris bringing back the stick I threw. Not sure how she didn't choke on water with her mouth open to hold the stick, but she never did.
Paris bringing me the stick again. She is quite the swimmer, really slow and deliberate, like she's been doing it her whole life.
Little Julimae paddling like crazy. She is a pretty good little swimmer.
I was also able to do some search and rescue training with Paris today. I was really impressed how quickly she is picking it up, she is such a great dog. She is now with her first mom for 2 weeks and I am sure going to miss her, and I hope she is behaving herself.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fourth of July

Paris had a pretty good Fourth of July. We spent the weekend at my parents house and the girls had a blast in the backyard.
[Paris and Picassa running around, Picassa is about to fall over and Paris has her nose squished into Picassa's side and has her ears sticking straight up.]
[The girls sitting in front of a really tall rose bush and my parents gazebo.]
[Paris laying in the grass sporting her new scarf. It's black with blue, green, purple, pink and orange stars on it.]
On Saturday I took Paris to a fireworks display. I was so proud of her because about 5 minutes into the display a track of fireworks fell over and about 10 or so got shot into the audience and exploded in the grass. It was quite crazy and people were running and screaming and Paris slept through the whole thing. (Luckily no one was seriously hurt a few burns but that's it) Here are the few pictures I got before all the craziness happened.
[Paris looking at me while a firework goes off behind her.]
[Paris fast asleep while people run and scream all around us.]
It really is too bad she couldn't be a guide, she is the most bomb proof dog I have ever raised!
Well, that was our super exciting fourth of July. I could not be prouder of the Paris, she is an amazing dog!!