Friday, June 11, 2010

Return of The Paris

I just got back from picking up the Paris. When we pulled up they had her tied to the back of the van. I got out of the car and started walking up to her. She just stared at me until I started talking to her and then she went crazy and started jumping all over me. (Video Below)

[Paris jumping up on me.]
[Paris with her feet wrapped around my waist and me giving her a big hug around the neck.]
[Paris jumping on me some more. She almost knocked me over.]
[Paris looking up at the camera, it looks like she is winking (her right eye is closed) and her tongue is slightly out.]
[It looks like Paris is barking but she was taking a treat from the puppy truck driver after showing off her new trick. (video below)]
After Paris calmed down a bit the puppy truck driver was able to talk to me about Paris. She was the only puppy on the truck on the way out so she got to sit up front with the drivers the whole time. They loved her and said she was really well behaved, that's my girl! They also said that the kennel tech that worked with Paris loved her and wanted to adopt her if I didn't take her. She wrote a sweet note on the back of Paris' info sheet saying how much she loved Paris. After that I got a few more pictures of Paris before we headed home.
[Me and Paris kneeling in front of the training van.]
[Paris jumping up on me some more.]
[Crazy Paris is standing on her back legs jumping toward me with her mouth slightly open.]
[I like this one, Paris has all four feet in the air and she is crashing into me, you can tell her tail is going a mile a minute.]
[Paris sitting nicely and licking her lips.]
[A close up of Paris' sweet face.]
[I picked up Paris and held her on her back, here is a close up of her face.]
[We went up with Mitch and Meade and his parents so Paris got the back of the SUV all to herself. Here she is standing in the back before we took off.]
After we got home I let her meet Picassa. They get along really well and Paris is really good with her. [Here they are doing the circle sniffing.]
Then it was time to switch her collar. GDB sent her home with a pink collar and pink is SO not her color. I love how the new green with white polka dots collar looks on her.
[A profile of Paris wearing her new green polka dotted martingale collar, she also has a blue GDB tag silencer.]
Then I got out Paris' new toys. She is a big fan of her frog and her ball. I am glad she likes them.
[Paris with the frog sticking out of her mouth.]
[Paris with her Goose between her legs. She is not really sure what to make of it, but she's got a huge smile on her face.]
[Paris really likes the big tennis ball, she likes to make it squeak. Here it's in her mouth and she is swinging her head to make it squeak. It took a few tries to get her to squeak it, she would make it squeak once and then drop it but she got the hang of it.]
Here are a bunch of videos of Paris' return. I've already started working a few tricks with her and she is picking them up really fast. What a smartie!!
Here she is with her Frog toy she is looking around while she makes it squeak.

Her intro to the ball. She would squeak it and then drop it and I had to coax her to pick it back up. She really loves it now!
Paris showing off the trick that the kennel tech taught her. It's "head down" she lays down and you tell her "head down" and she does it. It's really cute and I am hoping to convert it into a sitting command so she'll put her head in someones lap. I think it'll come in handy while doing therapy work. :D
I am also starting her on "roll over" she is picking it up really fast. This video is after about 10 minutes of working on the command. I love it and so does she! She does much better than Prudy ever did. :D
She is also learning crawl and she loves that one but it's hard to get a video so that one will come later. I am so excited about our next years together. I couldn't be happier to have The Paris back, she is a stellar dog and just what I need right now. Hopefully she can make some appearances at puppy class when we don't go on outing. She would really like that. I am going to stop rambling now and go play with my girl some more. Happy weekend everyone!


Heather and Ellie said...

What adorable photos! Gosh, she seems SO happy to be back :)

I really love the one of her four feet in the air....she's a little hover-craft!

But, all the photos are spectacular. What a sweet, pretty girl she is.

Amanda said...

I cannot believe you have done this much with Paris in half a day. She is going to be one spoiled dog! It is amazing how quickly she is picking up commands. It will be fun to read about all the new tricks you get to teach your girl.

Welcome home Paris!

Lauren and Don said...

I don't think I've ever seen a dog that looks so happy!! Those pictures are adorable- especially that one of her jumping up on you (it looks like she is giving you a big hug). What a lucky girl! Wow- she's learned a lot already. Welcome home Paris!! I can't wait to hear more about your many adventures together.

Natalie said...

Yay!!! Welcome home Paris - she looked so happy to see you!! too cute ;)

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

I love the picture of her hugging you! :) She seems to LOVE all of her new toys.

Welcome home Paris! :)