Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Images from Pet Life

Paris is adjusting to pet life amazingly well. She loves all the freedom and "rule breaking" that is involved. I have invited her onto my bed the past few nights and she hesitates at first and looks at me. I think she believes it's a setup. I love that she waits for an invite though. We've been on a couple walks (those pictures in a later post.) and today I think I am going to get her licenced in our county so we can go hit up the dog park sometime. . . anyone got advice on dog parks? I've never been to one so not sure what to expect. I am just hoping she comes back when she is called with all those dogs to distract her, and I hope she doesn't embarrass me too much. Anyway, here are some pictures from her first few days of pet life.

"Mommy may I please play with my froggie." [Paris thinking about stealing a toy off of the top of the kennel.]
Within the first few minutes in the house she ripped the rope out of the Jolly Ball. She really enjoys picking it up and running around with it though.
They pretend not to like each other but I caught them both snuggling together on the dog bed. The little stinkers both looked up when I got the camera out though. :D
[Paris and Picassa sharing the dog bed.]
I got all of the paperwork from GDB in the mail with the adoptions forms and everything and there was a plate to put on her collar. Prudy wore hers on every collar she had and I intend to do the same with Paris. I love how shiny it is! It says: I'm proud to be a Career Change dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind. And it has their phone number on it too. Here is a picture of it after I attached it to the collar.
[Paris LOVES the bed. Here she is as comfy as can be. I love that you can see Picassa in the background. She is a little jealous. She gets really upset when I do training sessions with Paris and she gets lots of treats for doing her tricks.]
I think pet life is okay for The Paris.


Carrie and Waffle said...

take my advice they weren't sharing the bed, they were both being too stubborn and waiting the other out. Waffle has fought every pup we've had over the kennel. she thinks its hers and HERS ONLY!

The whole people bed thing has never gotten old with Waffle, she likes to sit up there and hang her feet over and glare down at Truffie - kind of saying 'ha! take that puppy in training'

aaaaahhhh the life of a pet dog.

Brittany said...

The only advice I would give about Dog Parks is to go either in the morning or during the middle of the day for the first couple times. There wont be as many dogs. When you do go in the evening at first, go on a week day not a weekend.

Paris looks so happy as a pet! Patriot still thinks of it as a huge privilege to be on the human bed. Hobbs thought it was his right all along.