Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fourth of July

Paris had a pretty good Fourth of July. We spent the weekend at my parents house and the girls had a blast in the backyard.
[Paris and Picassa running around, Picassa is about to fall over and Paris has her nose squished into Picassa's side and has her ears sticking straight up.]
[The girls sitting in front of a really tall rose bush and my parents gazebo.]
[Paris laying in the grass sporting her new scarf. It's black with blue, green, purple, pink and orange stars on it.]
On Saturday I took Paris to a fireworks display. I was so proud of her because about 5 minutes into the display a track of fireworks fell over and about 10 or so got shot into the audience and exploded in the grass. It was quite crazy and people were running and screaming and Paris slept through the whole thing. (Luckily no one was seriously hurt a few burns but that's it) Here are the few pictures I got before all the craziness happened.
[Paris looking at me while a firework goes off behind her.]
[Paris fast asleep while people run and scream all around us.]
It really is too bad she couldn't be a guide, she is the most bomb proof dog I have ever raised!
Well, that was our super exciting fourth of July. I could not be prouder of the Paris, she is an amazing dog!!


Heather and Ellie said...

Love the picture that looks like there's a firework shooting out of Paris's head!

Lauren and Don said...

Paris, that scarf looks great on you! I love the festive colors. What a good girl you are for sleeping through all the commotion. That must have been pretty chaotic.